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Protecting our beautiful reef

Coral (85)The beautiful Ningaloo Reef is one of Australia’s most spectacular attractions. It’s so important to preserve and protect the reef so that it can continue to thrive. Here areour top tips for protecting the coral and other marine life during your stay in Coral Bay!

  1. Look, but don’t touch! Oils from our hands can cause corals to die, as it disturbs their mucous membranes. Also make sure that you’re careful where you stand so-as not to crush coral colonies.
  2. Take your rubbish with you. Litter and other wastes can pollute the marine ecosystem and trap sea creatures!
  3. Be careful when anchoring. If you’ve brought your own boat to Coral Bay, make sure that you only drop your anchor on sandy patches so that coral isn’t damaged.
  4. Fish responsibly. The main bay (Bill’s Bay) is a protected area, which means no fishing! You can fish outside of the Maud Sanctuary zone – click here for more information.

Thanks for your help in protecting our Ningaloo Reef, and we hope you enjoy your stay in Coral Bay!