The surrounding area

Facilities in Coral Bay

Facilities in Coral Bay

Accommodation types

  • Bayview Reception
  • The Ticket Hut
  • Ningaloo Club
  • Swimming Pools
  • Tennis Courts
  • Shopping Arcade
  • Coral Bay Bakery
  • Ningaloo Reef Dive
  • Reef Cafe
  • Coastal Adventure Tours
  • Coral Bay Adventures
  • Supermarket
  • Mermaids Cave
  • The Pub
  • Newsagent & Post Office
  • Fins Cafe
  • Petrol station
  • Boat Ramp Facility
  • BBQ's
  • Nursing Post
  • Volley Ball Court
  • Fish cleaning station

Lodge stairway upgraded and moved

Close up of the new stairway under construction

The stairway leading up to the lodge and Whitehouse is being replaced and realigned.

As another part of the summer works program the current stairway providing access to and from the beach for guests staying in the Coral Bay Lodge and the Whitehouse will be removed completely.

The new stairway is being

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More for kids

additional playground equipment being installed

As a part of the summer works program a range of additional playground equipment is being made ready and installed, with all items due to be ready for use by mid February.

The new additions are there to compliment existing facilities and early opinion from some of the toughest critics (the

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